This game is no longer available. The information here is purely for historical purposes. Contact sales at ultrabizz dot com for info.

This game was loosly based on the old Wheelracer, containing many great new features including better physics, cameras, new missions and race hazards.

Most exiting are the addition of 6 race missions taking place on Mars using actual Martian terrain geometry obtained from NASA via the MOLA orbiter.

So what is a WheelRacer?

Take the most powerful motorcycle engine ever built and place it and the driver inside a 8 meter diameter high tech wheel constructed of a carbon-fiber rubber compound and you get….a Wheel Racer!

Technically the vehicle uses a gyroscope controlled, center of mass shift, to propel and stabilize the vehicle. In addition, it has a shock absorber travel distance of over 2 meters making it almost crash proof on rough terrain.

The driving experience is awesome and the vehicle can reach 100mph and boasts an automatic gear box. The engine sound is simply amazing and will warm the heart of any “petrol-head”.

Game Features

Online or Off-line

You can race against the computer or on-line against other players.

Online games allow up to 64 vehicles at a time, dependant on your hardware. The game engine does a CPU performance test when started and will automatically downgrade the vehicle limit on slower computers.

Off-Road Racing at it’s best

Most racing games limit you to specific tracks because the vehicles are not able to handle rough terrains. Not so with WheelRacer, this game lets you ramp over hills, down valleys, do what ever it takes to get to the end first.

Random game obstacles – concrete blocks and jump forward/back flags. These are placed along the race track and are never in the same location from race to race which means the track can’t become predictable, you never know what to expect.

Key features in the game include:

  • Advanced multi player technology via the Torque Game Engine as used in Tribes 2
  • 3 vehicle cameras. One interior and 2 exterior intelligent cameras.
  • Up to 64 players on a server. (hardware dependant, remainder will be observers )
  • Observer “action camera’s” give observers the feeling of being part of the game
  • Multi player game options include: Racing and Endurance modes
  • Huge maps to play on.
  • Random game obstacles – concrete blocks and jump forward/back flags
  • A variety of terrain to race on, from high mountain settings to coastal regions.
  • 31 driving missions supplied with the game

Observers and Action Cameras

There are various reasons why you may become an observer in the game. The main reasons include:

  • Excessive vehicle damage
  • Out of fuel
  • Vehicle count limit reached

Observers are assigned to “action cameras” which basically go where the action is. Typically you will follow the leader and cut to any accidents as they happen. The action camera is in orbit mode allowing you to control your view of the current action.

Game Types

Currently there are two game types.

  1. Racing – nothing complicated – 5 laps to a win. Game duration typically 5-6 minutes per map.
  2. Endurance – requires some strategy – 5 laps to a win but fuel is limited so you will have to refuel at least once. You may also have to get vehicle repairs done at a repair station. Game duration typically 12 minutes per map.

The game includes 31 maps ( driving missions )